Ben Hecht- Mixed Media Artist specializing in combining aerial photography, encaustic paint, and UV resin
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Crystallos or "ice" are mixed media encaustic paintings depicting the dynamic interplay of ice and light.  Hecht begins by photographing carefully lit ice sculptures with a macro lens then transforms each composition with the addition of custom made colored encaustic (beeswax) paint.  The result is a vibrant dance as the ice refracts the colors and the beeswax creates texture to emphasize the visual depth in each image.
Crystallos VIII 66"X43"  AVAILABLECrystallos II 72"X43" AVAILABLECrystallos II 66"X43"  AVAILABLECrystallos XII 43"X66"  AVAILABLECrystallos VIII 43"X59"  SOLDCrystallos IX 43"X43"  AVAILABLECrystallos VI 24"X24"  AVAILABLECrystallos X 24"X24"  AVAILABLECrystallos XI 58"X43" AVAILABLE