Ben Hecht- Mixed Media Artist specializing in combining aerial photography, encaustic paint, and UV resin
                   Watch Fullscreen HD HERE.
These are a combination of images showing
small, medium, and large scale commissions
and site specific proposals using mock up
examples and client interiors with placed work.
Video above shows Hecht's 2017 large commission at
St Regis Monarch Beach Resort Hotel, Dana Point, CA.


aquas aliis Vitrius Five Panel Commission 66"X300"aquas aliis Vitrius 66XX60 Palm Springs Fine Art Fairaquas arcanus Palleo XVII Triptych AVAILABLEScripps Research Institute Commission 66X44Scripps Research Institute Commission 66X44urbicus: Manhattan Beach 66X36 Installation Imageaquas arcanus Triptych 132X48 (view in gallery)Arcanus Triptych in Master Bedroomaquas aliis Six Panel on Client Wall- Los Caboaquas aliis Six Panel on Client Wall- Los Cabomachina obscura: Terra II 132X43 AVAILABLEArtist with machina obscura Tempus 1 90X67machina obscura: Tempus II 90X72 AVAILABLE"Sticks" for Curved Wall (Example)Giant Wave AVAILABLECrystallos (Ice+Light) Diptych ProposalAquas Arcanus La Jolla II (Interior Example) AVAILABLEmachina obscura Tempus III 43X72 (on loan to client)machina obscura Tempus III 43X72 (on loan to client)aquas arcanus Chiaroscuro V 132X60 Mockupaquas arcanus Chiaroscuro VI 87X60 Mockup Kauai North Shore VII (Example)Triptych Proposal IIImachina obscura four panel example Aquas Aliis Park Laurel TriptychAquas Arcanus I (Example Above Fireplace) AVAILABLEmachina obscura Terra 72X43 (Example)Small Crystallos Dining Room (Example)Terra+Caelum Lake Superior (Example over Fireplace) AVAILABLE2013 Massive Scale Commission Proposal Los Angelesaquas aliis Vitrius XXVII 64X64 Holly Hunt Delivery