Ben Hecht- Mixed Media Artist specializing in combining aerial photography, encaustic paint, and UV resin

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Messengers and Guardians are individually unique mixed media encaustic paintings. Each image is a blend of Hecht's original photography, 19th century ephemera, and tempered beeswax paint. Artworks often have precious antique time pieces, tintype photographs, butterflies/dragonflies, feathers, silver Mexican "Milagros" charms, and other three dimensional elements embedded directly in the wax. Most artworks are 44" or larger in one dimension.  Commisions available by request.

Close detail images of the Messengers and Guardians Series can be seen at the end of the gallery. The images show the three dimensional quality that the encaustic paint adds to each artwork. Inclusions, such as original 19th century tintype photographs, antique pocketwatches, and milagros can be seen embedded into the wax surface.

Respite 65Friendship 44Cosmic Dancer 44Sacred Tree 38MagicianMessenger 44"X44 SOLDLost At Sea (Homage to Titanic) 44American Girl 35Keeping Time AVAILABLEFighting Ourselves (Homage to Whitman) SOLDCompanion 80"X24" SOLDGuardian 80"X24" SOLDSummoner 65Unlikely Companions NOT FOR SALESeven Guardians 65Emergence 60Going Home 34Girl Waiting 60Reticent Soldier 65Fighting Ourselves (2nd Homage to Whitman)DetailExamples of 19th Century Embeded ObjectsMessenger DetailGoing Home DetailEmergence DetailKeeping Time DetailUnlikely Companions DetailUnlikely Companions DetailSummoner DetailAmerican Girl DetailCosmic Dancer DetailMagician DetailLost At Sea (Homage to Titanic)